At Today’s Tiffany, we maintain a wide variety of jewelry.  There are hundreds of unique pieces to accent any outfit.

Ethel & Myrtle Jewelry, our most popular line offers both value and contemporary beauty for every season of the year!

EK Jewelry features mother’s bracelets and their renowned “cause” and “spiritual” collections. These inspirational pieces are made of sterling silver and any design can be custom ordered!

John Medeiros Jewelry is rhodium plated and offers a life warranty on its cutting edge contemporary style of jewelry!

Scooples offers the latest in fashion and current trends, while Sorelli and Anne Koplik Designs both offer vintage inspired heirloom pieces.

The newest line that we offer is Seasonal Whispers. This truly beautiful contemporary styled jewelry is 24 carat gold plated. The beauty and style of this jewelry has made a big hit with our customers!

Lastly, R.S. Covenant’s sterling silver rings are guaranteed for life! Their promise is “you simply won’t find a better ring for less”.

Many of our jewelry lines use “Swarovski” crystals that result in superior designs! Among the users of Swarovski crystals are John Medeiros, Scooples, Sorelli, Anne Koplik Designs, and Seasonal Whispers.

In addition, EK Jewelry, John Medeiros, Scooples, Anne Koplik and Seasonal Whispers are all produced in the United States of America!